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Management software for galleries and art dealers.

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Simple and intuitive.
Multi-platform, multi-user, multilingual.
Local or cloud installation.


Management of Artworks

vGallery can record unique artworks such as paintings or multiple entries such as photographs.

Accompanied by complete descriptions - author, title, dimensions, information on production, availability and location - the record of the work can meet all the needs required by an art gallery. vGallery can also be used for creating invoices or events, printing catalogs or certificates of authenticity and consultation of statistics.

Multiple options make it possible to automate the input of repetitive data, temporarily hide sales prices or choose the information to print.

vGallery - Works module - thumbnail view

Works module - Thumbnail view

Management of Events

The vGallery "Events" module aims to serve the dual purpose of effectively preparing for future events as well as keeping track of past events.

An event may be an exhibition, participation in an art fair, a loan or a deposit of artworks, a client proposal, or, more generally, a selection of works destined for printing.

Many built-in templates allow printing of price and insurance lists, exhibition cartels, consignment agreements or transport documents. An unlimited number of custom print templates can be added to meet specific needs.

vGallery - Events module - price list

Events module - Price list - Printing

  • Price List
  • Labels
  • Exhibition labels
  • Catalogs

  • Certificates of authenticity

Managing contacts

vGallery includes a complete address book module, which makes it simple to manage your contacts. You can create mailinglist, group contacts by categories; personalize each contact with an unlimited number of subcategories such as interests, favorite artists, preferences, etc.

You can prepare the mailing of invitations depending on country or tariff zone and choose your favorite label template.
Invoices related to the contact are automatically displayed in the contact record. 

Thanks to support of vCard, you can export and import contacts without going through a manual entry.

Editing and printing invoices

Sale, commission, pro forma or credit invoices can be created instantly, using semi-automatic fill functions.

Prices excluding and including taxes are calculated automatically according to the chosen options.

A payment schedule can adjust the amount due based on the amounts already paid. The contents of the invoices can be exported in Excel file format.

Other modules and features

Artists, Books and Press & Documents complete the list of vGallery modules.

Numerous options grouped by module in User Preferences enable a more precise and efficient use of the software.

The included print templates can be supplemented or replaced with custom templates that we commit to create according to your specifications.

The online documentation describes the vGallery features in more detail and answers any questions.

System compatibility

Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone*.

* The use of vGallery on iPhone and iPad requires the installation of FileMaker Go on the mobile device. See the vGallery Help for more information.

Supported languages

English, French, Italian.
The language is selected dynamically according to that of your operating system.


Types of installation

Types of installation - macOS / Windows
macOS / Windows

vGallery can be used on Mac and PC (Windows), individually or within a local network. A trial version for each of the systems is available on the downloads page.

Types of installation - iOS
iPad, iPhone

If you travel often, it could be of advantage to have a copy of vGallery on your iPhone or iPad for offline consultation or to use the device as a computer.

Types of installation - Cloud

For galleries with multiple locations, the cloud version might be the best solution. Thanks to the cloud, all teams can work on the same data simultaneously.