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Manage your collections with elegance and simplicity.

Whether you are using it for insurance, estate, tax, or just for pleasure, vCollection helps you maintain a well documented inventory of what you collect.

vCollection - Overview - Still life with flowers - Van Gogh

Insert images or videos,
import your old Excel files,
display your collection's items in different windows
and in various ways,
register the purchase invoices and certificates of authenticity,
share with your family members,
enjoy your collection!

vCollection for iPad and iPhone
Download on the App Store

vCollection for iOS has to be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

This is an independent version, but it has a database compatible with both (Mac and PC) computer versions. Data can be transferred from one device to another.

This release also allows our cloud customers to share data with their partners in real time.


Types of installation

vCollection - Installation macOS / Windows
macOS / Windows

vCollection can be used on Mac and PC (Windows), individually or within a local network. A trial version for each of the systems is available on the downloads page.

vCollection - Installation iOS
iPad, iPhone

vCollection for iOS exists as a standalone app. The data contained in the app can be transferred to a computer and vice versa. Cloud customers can connect to their database online.

vCollection - Installation Cloud

For those who need to share their collections remotely and in real time, or who want to entrust the management to employees, the Cloud version is the best solution.