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If you are a painter, sculptor, photographer or artisan, amateur or professional, you will find vBook a reliable and faithful assistant.

The screenshots in the viewer above are taken from macOS Ventura. Use the arrows to scroll through the images.

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Management of works

Keep track of what you create.

vBook allows you to catalog any type of object: paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs, video installations, jewellery, furniture, etc.

The works can be sent by email, printed or saved as a PDF in different formats: A4 cards, lists, certificates of authenticity and labels.

Contact management

Stay in touch with your buyers, announce your exhibitions.

A complete address book and mail manager will enable you to organise your mail and mailing lists, and announce your future activities. The address book communicates with the Invoicing and Works modules, allowing you to quickly add the acquirer's data when selling a piece.

Event management

Prepare your exhibitions easily.

Manage an unlimited number of events. Select artworks and add your selection to an event to create and print price lists, insurance lists, cartels and labels. Keep a detailed history of your exhibitions with locations, dates, organisers, etc.


Sell ​​without worrying about your sale documents.

The creation of an invoice is very simple. Input of artwork and buyer information can be done automatically, and vBook calculates the amount of taxes and reductions. A schedule allows you to track invoiced payments, and the Total Due can be calculated from the price excluding or including taxes.


The accounting module automatically picks up the revenue from invoices that you register in vBook, and allows you to record your expenses. The reports generated this way will help you to fulfil your annual income report quickly and reliably.

Management of press articles

Keep your articles and press releases in one place by importing multi-page text documents (Word, PDF, etc.) that can be opened in their original applications.

Searching, automation, printing

Both of vBook’s searching features, quick and advanced find, help you obtain information easily and with precision. Combined with sorting, the Find feature allow to organise the information according to a specific criteria.

The found data can be exported, printed or passed to another module. Interoperability between modules accelerates and simplifies information input while avoiding entry errors.

The range of clear-cut, user friendly templates covers almost all the printing needs of an artist's activity. It is also possible to create PDF documents from the templates, natively on macOS, iOS and Windows 10, using a free software in versions prior to Windows 10.

Import, export, share

Import your contacts from other apps with the support of vCard. Add artworks by importing images by batch. Assign categories, series and other attributes to artwork records in one operation.

Pass your data to Microsoft Word for an almost unlimited choice of letter or label templates. If you decide to stop using vBook, your data will not be lost as it can be exported in most common formats.

System compatibility

Windows, Mac, iPad* and iPhone*.

 * You can install vBook on iPhone and iPad through the AppStore. See the vBook Help for more information.

iPad Pro-12.9-Artworks-split

Screen capture made on iPad Pro.

Supported languages

French, English, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian.
The language is selected automatically according to that of your operating system.