Why use a database?


Databases do more than just hold data. They help solve problems, make decisions and they can answer questions.
Using a database, you can link all your information together. You can ask a question to a database and get the answer immediately. Our customers are using our applications to manage their whole logistic which is often complex: communication with customers and suppliers, management of works and/or objects of a collection, edition of all necessary documents . Who says database, also says efficiency!

Highly customized applications

Starting with the careful study of your needs to the final installation of the software and training, we support you in all stages of the project, giving you the benefit of our experience.

For the past 15 years, we have been working closely with our customers: art dealers, galleries, private collectors, institutions, independent curators, artists, estates and legal successors, etc.

We create a database for you and with you. We also accompany you all the way, from the first steps with the application and beyond.

Very competitive prices

Our structure is light: depending on project needs, we occasionally work with a graphic studio, translators, freelance developers. Every specifications are carefully considered so that the proposed solution is tailored to your budget.

Feel free to submit us your project, we will find the right solution!

Performance and facility of use

We are basing our principles on those two elements. To create a database that reflects them, we pay great attention to the user interface. We try to keep it ergonomic, neat, and harmonized with the newer operating systems. We strive to take advantage of the latest FileMaker technological advances, so every action of your daily work becomes simple.

And, as much as possible, we adjust the applications to your way of working.

FileMaker, a reference in technology

FM15_iconWe have chosen FileMaker, the reference software for powerful and quick development, therefore inexpensive compared with other database design tools. FileMaker, now a subsidiary of Apple, is the global leader for simple database software to use in workgroups. Millions of users - individuals, small businesses, teachers and researchers, working groups and departments of large companies - are managing projects, assets, and human resources with FileMaker. Our solutions benefit from all the advantages of the latest version.